Surrey & Virginia Water

Weybridge (in Surrey) is my home a small town of 19,000. Known as a nice place to live, it is pleasant but there is nothing worth seeing there as a tourist. I only entertain friends visiting my home there. However there are several nice walking routes.

Elsewhere in Surrey are the beautiful Richmond Park, where colorful flowers can be seen in May in Isabella Gardens and over 600 deer roam free. One of my favourite parks. However my favourite place may be Virginia Water, which runs adjacent to Windsor (in Berkshire). The lake and surrounding park is beautiful, in fact there is also a deer park. It is not a touristic attraction but in good weather it is a nice place to be. For the energetic walk from Windsor along the beautiful long walk to Windsor Great Park to Virginia Lake.
If done in reverse go from Waterloo to Virginia Water and walk.
Pictures here are from the trip Valeria and I made. Hampton Court Palace and Richmond Par are in Surrey but shown on the London page.