The most visited city in the world bar none. Having overtaken Paris sometime ago, the world famous capital and also my hometown is truly cosmopolitan on many levels.
Despite being historical a lot of old London was destroyed in the great fire of 1666.Modern London mixes old and new architecture together.

This does not deter many but may not be attractive to others, where the uniform conformity (of a city such as Dubrovnik for example) expresses beauty. Many visitors marvel at St Pauls, the Houses of Parliament (Big Ben) as well as the Gherkin and Shard.
With museums containing old artefacts and art such as the British Museum a collection of stolen artefacts (of course, not all) around the world from ancient times to time more recent and the V&A and modern museums like the Tate Modern. The choice is huge.
It can cater to all budgets. Accommodation may be bad value but there are plenty of free sites, beautiful views, and expensive sites and views of variable quality (from great to abject).

The London Underground has been described as the oldest (Sorry Hungary it’s here), largest, most expensive and unreliable in the world! It is a city of contrasts.
The many parks are great in spring, summer and early autumn.
And no London is not usually foggy and despite British jokes not particularly wet. The myths about raining all the time are in fact myths. Rome, New York, and Sydney all get MORE RAIN than London

The weather is however unpredictable so be prepared for all possibilities.

Places to See
Greenwich – Of course famous for the world standard Greenwich meantime (GMT) and here you can stand on the prime meridian – 0 degrees longitude. You can take the almost mandatory photo standing with one foot either side of this famous line.

A sacrifice to heavenly truth!
The Prime meridian situated in the grounds of the Royal observatory, once used for observing the stars but now a museum.
John Flamsteed was working on an astrological duty spending 40 years observing stars. However Isaac Newton used his pressure to force the publication before completion. This so annoyed Flamsteed that he set about to acquire as many of the books as possible. He managed to acquire 300 of the 400 and burned them as “A sacrifice to heavenly truth!”

However in summer in Greenwich there are also many other activities, like costume displays, archery events and the like. Don’t miss the Old Royal Naval college, particularly beautiful if you go get off at Island Gardens on the DLR (not Greenwich), where you can take a photo across the Thames. There is a slightly dingy tunnel which you can walk under the river and arrive by the college.

Adorning the walls are sculptures of the heads of many famous sea persons from British history. And includes the Earl of Sandwich..famous for inventing the … I will leave you to guess 🙂
Also a statue of Sir Walter Raleigh who fell from grace. A beloved of Queen Elizabeth he was imprisoned and eventually beheaded by King James her successor.
Also near the Old Naval College is the Greenwich maritime museum and the historic Cutty Shark, the wooden tea clipper one the fastest ship in the world. It also paid apart in Britain’s Opium wars with China, which ended with China ceding Hong Kong to a 99 year lease to the British.
There is the Queens House (A former Queen of Denmark) that is and the Painted Hall.
Contained inside the Painted Hall is a ceiling painting where tyranny (represented by French King – Louis XIV) kneels in submission to King William attended by the Virtues.
All the above except Cutty Sark are free

Other places worth seeing in London depending on Budget are the London Eye, Tower of London, Monument, Primrose Hill (a park with a nice view over London) and walking along the embankment to Tower Bridge).

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