Bratislava and Modra
Poprad and the High Tatras and Spišská Sobota

Slovakia the successor to Czechoslovakia is the less visited of the two. But the Slovaks have a long history too. Once part of Great Moravia, the kingdom was visited by Byzantine missionaries – Ss Cyril and Methodius. The Saints are also responsible for the Cyrillic alphabet and are represented on the Slovakian flag by the Byzantine double cross – an emblem of Slovakia.
Then the lands were visited by less friendly or benign company. The Kingdom fell to Hungary, resisted the Ottomans (Bratislava once even became a capital of the Kingdom of Hungary when large parts fell to the Ottomans) and then suffered German then Soviet occupation. These days visitors visit mostly for the beautiful mountains, scenery and plenitude of Castles. Slovakia is a beautiful country and one that should not be overlooked.