St Petersburg Pt 2

I returned to Russia in December 2013 to meet Valeria Preobrazhenka and her family.
I stayed mostly in St Petersburg but this time close to Vladmirskaya.
Russia may be used to extreme cold weather in winter but this was not evident in the streets where I stayed. Where the (lack) of grit was terrible that meant every step outside in the vicinity of my apartment was like an ice skating ride. And I did slide and fall. On another occasion I broke my smartphone on the ice.

The winter time may be most appropriate to see the beautiful Winter Palace in its seasons name sake but we didn’t this time. But outside the Roman Catholic Church, there is a small market selling art works which is both interesting and good value despite being situated on the most famous street (Nevsky Prospect) of St Petersburg.


One of the more interesting sites to see was The Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood (Russian: Церковь Спаса на Крови) The inactive church which I visited without entering on my previous visit to St Petersburg The interior be beautifully restored. The place where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated is contained inside.

The Soviets who both removed Tsar rule and fiercely persecuted the Orthodox Church had turned the church in to a warehouse for vegetables. The church however was not normally used for liturgies but used instead in memorial services

Valeria and I also visited the, usually for a church, pink and white Chesme Church of St John the Baptist, often denoted as Chesme church in the south of St Petersburg.
The Church whilst fully Orthodox on the inside is of neo-Gothic rather than neo-Byzantium on the outside.
It was built in 1780 under Catherine the Great to commemorate her victory over the Ottomans in the battle of Chesma ten years earlier.
Opposite is the less aesthetically pleasing Chesme Palace although we did not go close up.