The historical importance of Portugal’s second city Porto is emphasised in that it is responsible for the Portu in Portugal as well as being the birthplace of Henry the Navigator. I don’t know why I choose Porto in my hastily arranged trip as I hadn’t researched about it. It was however a great choice but the one day I spent there was not enough.
The city is very beautiful, from the blue tiles and Azulejos that adorn the churches and the main train station and other coloured tiles that adorn the walls, to the setting over the bank.

The city also gives its name to Port wine. I went to several tastings as people can actually across the river in combined with a cruise. The wind was a bit too unforgiving ion the cruise but the tastings were great. If I had time I would have certainly bought back some Port.
Porto has fantastic bridge across the river “Dom Luís I Bridge” designed by Téophile Seyrig who had also worked on the Eiffel Tower. The view from and of the bridge are both great and it can be crossed at two levels.

I stayed by Patricia and she and a friend of hers kindly showed me a little (the bridge area in the morning) before I went to wine tasting. In the city proper there is Torre dos Clerigos, a tower that is part of a Baroque church and there is a panoramic 360 degrees view but it is very crowded up there. Having said that it affords another beautiful viewpoint.
Later I enjoyed meeting Joanna from CS. However finding a place to eat seemed a bit difficult on a Sunday night.
I hadn’t see all of Porto I will save that for another visit. It is a beautiful cit though and one I entirely recommend.