Krakow Pt 2

I returned to Krakow in the spring of 2013 to meet my good friend studying in Opole Natalia.
It was also the date of Orthodox Pascha and I managed to contact the warm priest Fr Jarosław of the Dormition of the Theotokos Orthodox Church. The same church I had attended vespers during my first visit to the city in 2012.
It was great to celebrate Pascha with them and the Pascha album can be found on their site.
One of the photos containing myself can be found here

Natalia was delayed in arriving which wasn’t a bad thing as I was ill prior to my trip and until Pascha, over the eve of my 2nd night there I was ill.
On my first day I mostly rested awaiting Pascha. Although I ate at an Indian restaurant Indus Tandoor where I had a spicy lentil soup. It was next to a restaurant serving a range of Polish foods that I had previously eaten at.

Natalia arrived the next day and we went to a vegetarian cafe I believe Bar Wegetariański Vega, where Natalia, a vegetarian herself had eaten at.
Some dishes there are quite nice but we decided on falafel, which was a pity, as what they made neither resembled falafel in look, taste, texture or anything for that matter. Neither of us finished it. The milkshake I had was much better.

During our trip we went to Wawel castle, my 2nd time in fact, the previous time it was fee due to a festival. We did not spend long with many a part separated with separate admission fees of exhibitions that were at best moderately interesting to either of us.
We continued on to Kazimierz, the Jewish district. The next day a Monday we returned to the district and arrived at the Schindler’s list museum. However the museum had closed (early) before we arrived.

We had spent time finding somewhere to eat. Despite being a tourist magnet and a place of jobs, on a Monday morning the centre of Krakow was serene and there were not many restaurants open early morning compared to what one may expect in a city centre.
Later we went to the Botanical gardens. We didn’t see all of it. Even missing a colourful section because of time (I was flying back to UK via Katowice that night) but we enjoyed the botanical gardens and its glass house. It does not quite match up to London’s Kew Gardens on scale or beauty, although in spots it is particularly beautiful but it is a nice place to spend hours.