“Polish people don’t smile enough! They walk with their heads facing the grounds!” the deacon remarked.. Something I heard time and time again from Polish people.
In Poland things are not logical” said one guy when I remarked that I had expected there would steps to the metro from the path I went (when there were none).

However there met my great friends Polish friends Ania and always cheerful Paula, such observations are a generalisation and perhaps an indication of wish things were further improved, and the ongoing economical stagnation than an actual reflection of the nation itself.

Poland is a country with both a long history a glorious past during its heights of union with Lithuania overshadowed by a tragic history. Poland even disappeared off the map for 123 years. Yet the Polish strived to retain and defend their national identity and so it is perhaps a small miracle it still exists.

In Poland, I met kind people, enjoyed the sights, food and good service.
Only slightly offset by occasional indifferent service but that was not a regular occurrence..

It has contributed greatly to science through Nicolaus Copernicus and Marie Curie just to name two. The nation prides itself on the memory of John Paul II and the nation’s predominately Roman Catholic faith.

I also visited Opole to meet my good Ukrainian friend Natalia who had moved there. I returned to meet her again in 2012 as well as visiting Wroclaw, Krakow and the’Wieliczka Saltmine.