Vaduz, Triesen and Balzar

The fourth smallest country in Europe and the Sixth in the world doesn’t often make the news although it did when the Swiss accidentally invaded! Despite it being the only remaining principalities, a long history, unique being purchased by the ruling dynasty (in the 18th century) and glamorous royal marriages it is not often mentioned. I made the trip from Zurich which is an easy but not direct one. Nevertheless probably the easiest way to get to Liechtenstein which does not have its own airport.

I stayed in a small mountain village Triesen rather than Vaduz, having read that it makes a more beautiful and interesting stay. However activity on couchsurfing for the small village was almost dead and so I used AirBnB for the first time abroad. I was hosted in a dormitory but I happened to be the only person in my room. The host Mirjam from Liechtenstein and her kind friends from paces such as Slovakia and Greece were very welcoming. But I spent a lot of time outside.
I went straight to Vaduz. You can traverse the whole of Vaduz, Triesen and Balzar in a fairly short bus ride.

The Royal Family of Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein has a royal family and a bit more traditional than the modern version that seems to exist elsewhere.
The Price can veto changes to the constitution and laws.
In fact Prince Alois did when he threatened to use the veto against some who were trying to decriminalise abortion. The law did not pass. Threats have been made to see the country to Bill Gates if democracy activists wanted to change the principality too much.
The prince and the rest of Liechtenstein family are very popular and well respected. 76% of the people voted against curbing the prince’s powers, popularity and respect democracy leaders would only dream of.


Having watched videos of Vaduz on the internet I was not expecting much. It didn’t appear architecturally interesting in fact you could be just in a small unoriginal regional town. But my fears were allayed. Vaduz is interesting to see, well worth the visit. First of the cuisine is nice and the cafes interesting. You do get Switzerland prices, in fact Liechtenstein even uses the Swiss Franc but you also get quality, and friendly service.
The whole country has a good aura and friendly people too.

There are a number of attractions of moderate interest such as the postal museum, the modern parliament building and various often modern sculptures.
But the most pleasant place to see is the Royal castle and the walk there. Along the pleasant walk there is some information about the Royal Family, Liechtenstein, its long ecclesiastical (history) etc not to forget some quite nice views.
The castle itself is beautiful situated and the photos I took could not do even a little justice to the beautiful gardens of the Royal Family. It s out of access but is so beautiful and worth the climb.
The best time to go maybe when the Royal Family welcomes all residents and tourists there for a beer. It would be the best time to go.