Jinhee and I visited Dublin on a weekend of December. Not the best time weather wise but we were lucky to have mostly clear skies although it did snow a little while we were there too.. When I have heard about Dublin from friends living in London and visting the city there tended to be two opinions, a really nice place or nothing special. Although to be fair the former was the more popular.

I found Dublin to be a very nice city and despite not having a pre-deposition to drinking I did visit The Guiness factory, (Jinhee had my free beer).
The museum is very interesting and the fact that Guinness and Ireland are almost synonymous it is a place that one should visit.

Of course there is also much more to explore and like about Dublin. It is compact. it still has Londonish type of feel to me despite that many ex-British (and so ex-colonial) architecture was destroyed and sometimes replaced by uninspired development.
The people were very friendly and coming from London I could easily tell the difference. This single feature I liked most.

Important places to see include the post office where there are bullet marlks from the Easter Uprising as well as an original copy of the Irish declaration of Independence.
The book of Kells (the oldest copy of the Gospel in Ireland) is turned to a new page every day and it is well worth any length of time spent there.

Dublin also has what might be the best chip shop I have been to so far – Leo Burdock. While a little expensive both Jinhee and I thought it was well worth it.
Famous celebrities that ate chips from there including U2, Naomi Campbell and some ex-US presidents if I remember correctly.

Food in Ireland was really nice. I was looking forward to trying traditional Irish dishes – Irish Stew and Bacon and cabbage and after seeking online, we ate at the O’Sheas Talbothotel. The food was wonderful.

Walking around Dublin was very nice and lot of the detail was in small ornate parts of buildings or just exploring new streets. The center of Dublin is very walkable and attractive.
Across the sea things weather wise were getting severe weather wise. Flights in London were being cancelled.
We almost got stranded as our original flight was cancelled due to the adverse weather. We managed to get 2 of the 5 remaining seats on the last flight to Gatwick. All further flights were cancelled.