Its capital Budapest has the 2nd oldest metro system in the world, the 2nd largest synagogue and the 3rd largest parliament building in the world or rather the largest parliament and oldest metro system in continental Europe, and the largest synagogue in Europe as the Hungarians would rather say! (According to a Hungarian free tour guide free tour guide in Budapest). One might think that Hungarians are astute politicians or optimists. But the guide and some others also describe a parallel view that somehow Hungary always up on the wrong side (two world wars being the most prominent point). It was once a powerful state before a disastrous subjugation to the Turks and latter still formed one part (seemly very much the junior partner) of the Austrian Hungarian empire. Once one of the world’s most powerful empires, the country has a number of inventors of sometimes forgotten but important contributions like the ballpoint pen or to coffee enthusiasts a pre-cursor of the espresso machine. Hungary’s contribution can be reflected in just how much a part of daily life some of these inventions have become.