“If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik.” – George Bernard Shaw

Dubrovnik is for me the most beautiful city I have been to. The orange tiled roof of the Old Town set against the clear blue seas, lovely weather and trees.
If I could live there I would.
My first view was from the taxi to the apartment. The mountain roads had wonderful views of the sea

I rented a 3 bedroom apartment (it was cheaper than a hotel) and stayed outside the old town in Zlatni Potok.

It was a fantastic choice. I had a wonderful view over Lokrum and the old town from the balcony. Which is where I took my photos of the old town against the sea. It was a 15 minute walk in to town.

The journey was slightly uphill so at night walking back if one is tired this may be noticeable but going in town the view was superb. As it was not too busy I felt as If I was walking through a 1950’s Italian village or something.

Many tourists who stay in the old town proper may miss such an experience and view point of the Old Town.
And I can compare because I also stayed a few days afterwards in the Old Town. Still very nice but outside is that much more special.

However if you can learn just a few words in Croatian. I found local people were so happy when I spoke a few words and often even taught me more words.

Jinhee also really liked Dubrovnik. We saw a beautiful sunset over the sea when we took a taxi up some hill (and walked down) some deserted hill over Dubrovnik to some place not mentioned in my guidebook. There was a great night view of the town as well.

Also the old town walls are great to walk along giving scenic views of the old town itself including the clock tower, the beautiful Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin, and adjacent Church of St Blaise and sea.
There are many places to eat with nice outside views and very cheap if you like fish or pizza. A lot of the food was Italian perhaps due to the location of Croatia opposite Italy.
We also took several trips to the outlying islands although we didn’t have time to see them. These islands tend to be more relaxed, less tourist and very attractive. You could easy add over a week exploring these at a leisurely pace.