Mostar is the bridge. Stari Most. Yes there is an old town but the most photographed placed in Mostar is the 16th Century bridge that was built on the orders of Suleiman the Magnificent. Mostar means bridge keeper. And maybe half your photos maybe more will be different angles of the beautiful Ottoman Bridge.

Set over a valley, the beautiful bridge is actually a reconstruction. The Croats in destructive mood destroyed the beautiful bridge, parts of the cities and destroyed several historical Orthodox churches too. The war was everyone against each other as the Croats turned on their allies the Bosnians in 1993. Of the 27 Ottoman era mosques only one escaped unscathed. As for the bridge fortunately it is reconstructed. The most beautiful (of many beautiful) view is probably from the mosque. Some other mosques offer climbs up the minarets to views of the Old Town.

One things that is immediately apparent in Mostar is the damage from war. It is much more evident here than Sarajevo with plenty of bombed out buildings, visible bullet holes and like dispersed throughout the city. The Serbs that once formed part of the community have been almost completely driven out. One half of the town is considered Muslim and the other Croat and divided.
The scars of war are being healed slowly thgough. The Lonely Planet Eastern Europe guide says that until recently there was both a separate post office and ambulance service. One Croat, one Bosnian..