I frantically skimmed through my guidebooks again and again trying to find something I want to see.
I mean what is there to see when a highlight is a zoo? I can see that in London, a pretty famous one at that. Well I at least I could say I wasn’t flying to go to a zoo. I was going to Indonesia to meet a friend Ida and going via Singaporean airlines stopping in Singapore seemed a natural choice.

I knew Singapore was one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world (as well as one of most strict) and I could convince myself that the food was going to be great. I would also get the opportunity to meet a kind University friend I hadn’t met for over 10 years. That is good enough but otherwise I expected nothing to do.
Starting with an expectation of zero Singapore exceeded my expectations thoroughly, zoo included.

Taking the subway I saw posters saying “Low crime does not mean no crime! Please be vigilant”. Crime is so low they have to remind people that it exists! What a wonderful thing if I could say that about London..
I stayed at the Sha Villa. While not a bargain for Singapore where hotels were expensive or Asia. It was a good choice and clean.
It was great to meet my ex-uni friend Dadina who I hadn’t met for ages but kept in very occasional contact. However meeting again was great. The weather was really good so we spent mostly inside and she showed me the Raffles Hotel. A colonial style Singapore landmark with Indian guards in colonial area dress (I presume). The hotel is named after Singapore’s founder Sir Stamford Raffles. The hotel is also famous for the Singapore sling cocktail where it was invented.
On other days in Singapore I had breakfast in the morning on Mosque street (titled of course because there is a mosque on their). The Roti John (an omelet sandwich). I had was not only very tasty but very cheap.
Eating out in Singapore is a very cheap and very tasty experience.
I also visited China Town and Little India. One of the highlights of my trip though was to the night safari! I see why the zoo and the night safari are so acclaimed and I must say deservedly so.
The animals including lion were often separated not by cages but by moats so you could observe free moving Lions, wonderful! In addition there were tourist shows which were actually fine. Another nice place to see was Sentosa Island.

Taking the cable car to the island was nearly nice was well as the view when I arrived. Sentosa is a nice place to visit and I shall make an effort to visit in the day should I get another chance to visit Singapore.
I also had the opportunity to meet my kind friend Iris who I don’t contact as often as I should. She lived in Malaysia she made a short trip to visit me and it was nice to catch up again with her. After Singapore my next route was Indonesia and very happy with my trip so far I departed.