One of my favourite countries in the world. Japan is without doubt one of the most interesting places to visit anywhere. Like the UK it is an island country but what many don’t realise it that it has the 10th largest population in the world.
The country’s length gives it a variety of its scenery that is superb. Contrast Hokkaido and Okinawa for example but even within Honshu. In the big cities lot of Japan’s historical architecture was destroyed in the 2nd world war and there are lot of reconstructions but in the small towns and countryside you can experience the culture and essence and beautiful scenery if not the buildings as well.
I would like to return much more often and to go to Hokkaido especially.
At the moment Japan already known for being extremely expensive is in orbit cost wise. The British pound has being in free-fall when compared to the time I went.
I was first in Japan for 1999 my first flight ever (London to Tokyo via Hong Kong) and again 2005/6 for the New Year.