Angkor Wat, Pol Pot, the Killing fields.
Cambodia conjures up a lot of images. Despite a troubled history and present (such as in the occasional flare in border disputes with Thailand, or the anti-Thai riot of not too long ago),
Cambodia doesn’t get on well with its neighbours.
A common complaint you will hear here is how Vietnam it’s ‘friend’ is gradually encroaching on Khmer land and in 50 years there will be no Cambodia.

Cambodia is connected by many to stunning scenery and people.
There is a lot to appreciate in the facade of Angkor Wat, which points to a once great regional power and Kingdom steeped with history. A history which goes far before Pol pot.

The times of Pol Pot have somewhat left a stain, in the tyrants attempt to turn Cambodia back to Year 0. An attempt to redefine history and to destroy the collective memory of Cambodians to create a new brainwashed societies. In the same league as Hitler he perhaps does not get quite the same attention. However evidence of the despicable crimes and the method s employed can be appreciated through a visit to any (and there are many) killing fields, where the remains of thousands of victims can be found.
As damning as those who carried out the crimes is the attitude of the west and others who knew which were going on and at times colluded with Pol Pot to serve political ends. In the end it was the invasion of Cambodia by Pol Pot that brought down the tyrant’s regime and the opportunity for a brighter future

Pictures from the Killing fields can be seen here – The Killing Fields