The United States of America

The richest most powerful country of this age brings up a range of emotions often depending on one’s political view points. Regardless of this the states is so bid that it has an almost unparalleled range of scenery and diversity according to region. Where it be the beaches of California, the skyscrapers of Chicago, The Grand canyon, vineyards or music such as the jazz festivals of New Orleans there is a lot to see. I have been to the US three times. The first time was to New York and Boston in winter (which I will include later in the archive) and more recently to San Francisco twice.
I came across different kinds of people in my trip, those in a perennial rush and those genuinely open. It is easy to strike up a conversation in the US and that is beneficial for the lone traveller.

“We have really everything in common with America nowadays, except, of course, language.” – Oscar Wilde.