Victoria Falls pt 2

It was through Amadeus Gardens that we went on Safari to Chobe in Botswana. However we also took a Zambezi river safari. Compared to the safari in Chobe, it can be considered a disappointment. We didn’t see a great deal of wildlife (but you may be lucky if you go). However taking a boat and having tea on the Zambezi River is nice in any case. And on the way to the boat we were greeted by traditional dancers.
We met an interesting Australian who was working in the region and enjoyed the trip.
There is also an opportunity to try bungee jumping which I did not consider but Jinhee was interested in the end we just observed one. It is from the bridge over a gorge.

One of the highlights of the trip other than the falls was visiting some local schools. Actually we visited two. One of more affluent (relatively speaking children) and one where poor children go that walk may kilometres every day to school. The enthusiasm and joy of the children were a delight and they also sang their national anthem and a welcome song. They were so sweet. And we got to observe some of the life of the school.

We also saw a traditional pub I don’t recall the name where there is a TV and so many gather to watch sports.

Walking around the town exploring is a delight by itself. Although you may encounter a lot of people trying to sell you stuff. I had more patience for this than other places knowing the situation Zimbabwe is in economically. And some things they sell may interest you, the things were not tacky.
They can be persistent though (without being threatening, you can simply continue to walk on), we did buy things that interest us occasionally but obviously had a limit to what we were prepared to buy.
We did go to a kind of stall and being one of the few foreigners we got many traders trying to follow us.
A nearby policeman carrying stick dispersed them (and escorted us to the shop where we wanted to go a few metres away). In Zimbabwe no one argues with a policeman.
My limited interaction with police was positive. You often see them guarding cash machines (all day and night) and they were friendly.
We walked around late at night when it was very dark in Victoria Falls and t was safe. You don’t want to get lost but it is so small that would be hard to do even late.
People we met were really nice indeed,

Jinhee and I also visited some of the more upmarket restaurants and they were really nice.
Ilala lodge is in a beautiful setting where you can see a nice sunset, scenery and animals.

Oh and the food, bar and service is wonderful too. We didn’t stay at the hotel there but I am sure that is great too but we ate a few times there.
Another beautiful place is the Victoria Falls Safari loge. With a stunning set and view over the forest this may have the best view of anywhere in the town except for the falls itself. I say maybe because there are also other nice places.

We enjoyed relaxing here ad then took a free or inexpensive (I don’t remember there being a fee) taxi to its sister restaurant the Boma restaurant.

The most over the top restaurant is also expensive and touristy but well worth the experience.
They have many Zimbabwean specialities as well as the more mainstream stuff which I stuck to.
Jinhee through tried the Mopani worm for which she received a certificate. I decided to give it a miss.

You are greeted by dancer, given traditional clothes.
There is a witch doctor which I avoided being totally not interested in that.
Drummers, and traditional dancers. It is interactive. You are expected to get involved!
The staff are lovely and the whole event was worth the price.
I would happily go again.

Victoria Falls, the town and of course the wonderful falls are one of my favourite places anywhere.