Victoria Falls pt 1

The airport was quite small, and immigration was a straightforward process. We met our driver who took us to Amadeus Garden. The drive was scenic, and smooth. Although it appears that our driver was stopped by police probably for a bribe but he was able to talk his way out of it. I didn’t hear the conversation fully but it included us.

Amadeus garden is a very nice hotel not in the centre but not too far way either. It is situated in a nice area and had a swimming pool and nice courtyard, and lovely staff. It is one of the better hotels I have stayed anywhere. They also have food but it had to be ordered in the morning in advance.
However, even if you miss this there are plenty of other nice places to eat in Victoria Falls too so it is not a disaster.

The town Victoria Falls is on the Zimbabwe side of the border, and consequently gets fewer tourists, as many are afraid of the instability the read in western newspapers. Safety wise here is no reason not to go.
It is quite prosperous for Zimbabwe, tourism is appreciated, people are very friendly and it is the more beautiful side for viewpoints of the falls. Having said that if you get the chance go to both sides as we did. Livingstone, Zambia doesn’t have some of the charm of Victoria Falls, it has less reliance on the falls, more developed but still with nice places to eat.

The falls themselves are wonderful and perhaps the best natural place I have been.
It is also known as Mosi-oa-Tunya, meaning the Smoke that Thunders.

And it does.. The thunderous noise of the water gushing over the edge could not just be seen, or heard but felt from distance.
It is claimed not to be the highest or the widest but to be the largest falls in the world.
It is certainly the largest sheet of falling water in the world as the information office likes to point out
And is 1,708 meters wide and 108 meters high. The spray from the falls can be felt miles away.

If you visit the falls do bring proper protection for yourself and camera. You will get soaked!
My camera almost disastrously died a premature death from getting soaked.
It stopped working however we allowed it to dry out in the heat and it could be resuscitated. Apparently because it is not salt water. That was a great relief as getting any kind of electronics in Victoria Falls would be a minor miracle.

A present rainbow could be seen by parts and walking on to the falls you could quite often observe monkeys freely roaming with their troop. Keep your food secure!

We met kind Zimbabweans from the capital, Bethel and her family during one of our visits (we did visit the falls several times, how could you not?)