Cape Town pt 4

Jinhee and I decided to spend a day exploring the city centre. Another thing to note about Cape Town there is a lack of public toilets you will be walking in many shops and departments before you find one. A minor gripe.

However the shops in the city centre are fine (as well as those by the waterfront) and there are a few nice places to eat. We were in Cape Town for Nelson Mandela’s birthday. Great luck! Or so we thought..

Huge crowds gathered and we waited as marching bands and processions were carried out when a hiccup occurred.One guard was hit by a passing bike! The guard was conscious but unable to walk and carried on the stretcher. It happened directly opposite us and I caught pictures of the aftermath. The real disappointment was when Mandela appeared. It was in a bullet proof motorcade that more or less sped along. Waited an hour for a few seconds glimpse! Unfortunately in our safety conscious age that is how is these days. At least I saw him in a more accessible way when he visited my university back in 97.

In between a visit to Mozambique, and back Jinhee and I changed accommodation the last time to stay in Signal Hill near Bo Kaap (known as a Malay Quarter) and a Muslim area of Cape Town. The view from our accommodation was wonderful although the place we stayed was out of the way. I would go there again. The houses and even the mosque were in bright light colours. There were light blues, greens, pinks, yellows and red. A really beautiful area. Apparently you should be careful hear in the evening. In the day it good to walk around.
The owner took us to the airport. He explained his grandfather, if I remember correctly was responsible for introducing Islam to the area.

We were not in a rush to leave but we had to go to back to the UK. Signal Hill and Bo-Kaap are two further places not to miss in the beautiful city.