Cape Town pt 3

We didn’t get tired of Cape Town even though it was the longest place we stayed anywhere during our trip even longer than Easter Island. That is because there was so much to do, and enjoy.
Whether you like to relax or be active it is perfect. And after a day relaxing at Camps Bay we decided to tackle Table Mountain the next day. Well not really! Take a cable car and then explore..

You have to be lucky with the weather and timing to go to Table Mountain because it is often covered with a cloth.
Because of its flat shape it is seen as a table and the cloud that perennially rests on the table is the cloth of course!
While the cloud seems low lying (but is a mountain remember), you may have restricted views if any of the city and beautiful sea.
Therefore give yourself enough time to be flexible. Cape Town is not a weekend city. There is far too much to enjoy for that.

We took the cable car up the mountain which is a beautiful view itself. However this is not the highlight, wonderful as it is. Walking along Table Mountain in good weather gives many beautiful panoramas of the city and beach below and other parts of the mountain range.
We spent quite a lot of time there.

As for getting around Cape Town there are taxis but we avoided them after a few days. What are best to use is the mini buses. Now there are safety concerns. Their drivers are known to speed. The vans are cramped and small. But they are incredibly cheap.. much much cheaper than a taxi or any other mode of transport and you can share in real life for many of those who live in the city.

How not to be overcharged
The key thing is don’t ask (without other passengers being around or attentive ) for the charge but rather give a small note and expect change. You can ask other passengers but if you give as you know the amount even if you are a foreigner, you will be charged the correct amount and not a foreigner price. Here the chance of interaction will locals is great it is easy to go to the places you want to go..Just be mindful that they finish quite early. The beginning of late evening.
In Cape Town there are annoying taxi divers persistent following tourists. One got unjustifiably angry with a security guard who told him to stop bothering us which was precisely what the taxi driver was done. His logic seemed to be even if we say we are not interested he could change our mind by hassling us. Absolute stupidity but that was also my experience in Turkey and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

On another day we visited Boulders beach. A Penguin Colony.
I didn’t know Africa had penguins until I bought my guidebook. Well South Africa not only has them but it has many and the place to see them is Boulders Beach. The penguins smell but they are cute and there are a lot of them. Really nice!