Mozambique, one of the poorest countries in the world is also a mini success story.
Not even considered by many as a tourist destination unless you are into snorkelling (it is popular with South Africans though), it has some stunning beaches and islands.
As I grew up my own recollection of Mozambique was conflict. It was in the news constantly. After an armed uprising against the Portuguese colonial masters from 1964, it was dragged into a long civil war straight after independence that lasted until 1992. The war was part engineered by the apartheid South African government who supported Renamo for political purposes therefore extending the misery to a generation that grew up in continuous warfare.
This conflict has left Mozambique as one the poorest countries in the world and the fact that so many businesses seem to be foreign owned is not so ideal. However since the war ended it has been reasonably stable and the tourists now come primarily for the beaches and snorkelling.
It would help to speak Portuguese but the people in Mozambique are friendly and helpful. The food is excellent and the natural scenery is spectacular.