Botswana (Chobe)

Chobe National Park is the 3rd biggest in Botswana. Close to Zimbabwe it is also an ideal safari from Victoria Falls, which Jinhee and myself decided to see. We took a tour from Amadeus Garden Hotel. The current cost of which is between $150-170 USD per person for a 1 day trip.

We were driven from Zimbabwe to the Botswana border. After the usual formalities we were met by our guides on the Botswana side that picked up and drove us to the Chobe river where the first pat of the Safari took place (by boat). Going by sea we were able to see numerous gazelles and Hippos but also Alligators and Elephants and other wildlife.
It was certainly interesting but I wished to be closer to the wildlife.

We were taken to a lodge for lunch which was pleasant, the place seemed to be popular with tour groups which often is not a great thing if you are looking into authentic experiences but the service, and food on offer was good, and the view nice.
Afterwards the 2nd part and slightly (more exciting (both the water and land safari were great) safari took place.
We were taken on land hopefully to see a lion. In Chobe Park 4 of the big 5 (Lion, African elephant, cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros) can be seen (with Rhinos omitted from that list).
We saw many, many gazelles, almost as many elephants and hippos and buffaloes but alas no lion..:( just lion tracks.
There were lions but perhaps they were shy.. travellers (or more correctly seven day adventist missionaries I had bumped into the day after had been and saw a lion and had a charging elephant). I could say it was not our lucky day but that would be simply wrong. Chobe was wonderful.
The ride back through Botswana was scenery and I would have liked to spend more time in Botswana itself..maybe next time..