Conditions of submission

Travel Emissary is not just a travel or photo blog but a cultural and travel resource for anyone interested in visiting or learning about any country abroad.
The topics Travel Emissary is most interested in are

* Recommendations about a place to visit or an attraction

* Travel Tips and warnings about certain countries or places.

* Cultural Tips

* Recipes or other national or regional aspects of interest to a traveller.

* Travel information

Conditions of submission

Submission is no guarantee of acceptance and although there is not strict censorship the following will always be censored.
* Any article using swearwords, or deemed by Travel Emissary possible slandering of individuals or organisations.
* Any content encouraging illegal activity whether in the UK or the country in question.

Articles can be submitted in any language but expect significant delays and higher chances of rejection if it is not in English.
Links to your own site may be possible on a reciprocal basis but use the contact form to discuss.
Travel Emissary only accepts previously unpublished original work. The submitter in using the site confirms that no intellectual property has been violated and agrees to their (the submitter) responsibility to ensure this is the case.

The terms of conditions and privacy policy on the website must be adhered to. If you have not read them, read them.
If you have read them previously and not before submission read them again. Terms can change.