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I searched on Expedia, from Bangkok to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan at 600+ was more than 200 over budget. Again I moved further west and tried Armenia. The price was under 400, so as ‘fate’ would have it, I am flying to Armenia. I immediately book my flight, my destination chosen at random had sent me a relatively unknown gem.

After going to the same country (Korea several times in the last few years I booked my trip at random, by setting a flight budget for Easter and searching the furthest I could go.. which of ended up as Armenia. And I am glad it was. I was interested in Armenia before but had forgotten my interest until now. Armenia is fascinating because of its long ancient history, also being the first country to adopt Christianity as the state religion. Also what I find fascinating is how despite the oppression from and domination of the Romans, Persians, Arabs and Ottomans, In face of persecution Armenia has held on not only to its culture, language, church and manuscripts which is a testament to the people. However my trip was far too short and I returned the next year. The second of hopefully many more trips.

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