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The Orthodox Church (Officially the Orthodox Catholic Church, commonly known by some as Eastern Orthodox) is NOT a denomination (an error of Wikipedia) but the Church found by Christ still faithfully maintains the traditions and worship given. I have a section with useful links about the church and also below are a few useful pages on the history, worship and theology of the Church. I would encourage all Protestants to read the early Church fathers and reflect on did they believe was the Church visible or invisible?


A very good chart used with the kind permission of Mary Tzoumanekas.

Some Podcasts I like

Orthodoxy and heterodoxy

A history of early heresies





The Ante-Nicene Fathers

This site is not a Orthodox site per se (in hosting) but the Early Church fathers were all Orthodox. The Ante-Nice Fathers contains the writings of the early church fathers in addition to early writings of the church including some like Tertullian who fell into heresy.

The Seven Ecumenical_Councils

The Nicene Creed

Ancient Faith Radio Great Content – Lots of podcasts and 24 hour radio online.

Antiochion Orthodox Deanery website

St. Botoloph Antiochian Orthodox Church (Liturgy in English)

Find the Divine Liturgy in English

Taiwanese convert to the Orthodox church

Father George Calciu on Ecumenism

Against Ecumenism

Orthodox Christians Apologetics towards Evangelical protestant claims

Orthodox Videos


Heterodox (Non-Orthodox) sites of or with some close to ‘Orthodox’ content for use with caution


The Abolition of Man

Priestesses in the Church?

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