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My next planned trip: Belarus

My name is Aaron Barwell. I aim to travel every country in the world. There are around 7 billion people in the world and many cultures and people I would not meet if I didn’t leave my home.
Although this is a main aim of mine it is not an absolute goal at the expense of enjoying travel, learning cultures, meeting friends again and my spiritual journey. All of these I place above completing the numbers, nevertheless I hope to achieve this list.

I am always willing to make new friends and can be contacted via the contact me form at the end of this page.
I also enjoy showing friends places in or near London.
My main hobbies are travelling, socialising, reading, cooking, walking among many others. I have been writing to penpals for more than 15 years and travelling extensively for the last 11. They are both my main hobbies.

I am an Orthodox Christian. My Orthodox page will contain links to important facts about Orthodoxy.

I graduated at the University of Essex in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) and have worked either in programming and QA since then.
I have a CELTA certificate (Cambridge English Language Teaching to Adults) but remain in IT.
I don’t currently play any sports but I enjoyed Football and table tennis and while at University (Fencing). I support Newcastle United F.C. although born in London. At university I joined up to 17 different cultural societies in a year.

I prefer not to describe my personality that is for others. But I always hear people can only have x amount of friends, men and women can not be friends etc etc I don’t care what limitations people place on themselves. I don’t necessary (and often don’t) view them as valid.
Please read the disclaimer for about how countries have been determined by this site.

First of all I also wish to say thanks to my kind friends I met abroad (‘by chance’-there is no such thing)

Ryoko, Asuka, Naty, Hasmik, Andrii, Dmitriy, Arthur, Minjung, Jochen, Ewelina, Michal, Anna, Chief and others.

And kind friends from Armenia: Arpine, Inna, Tata, Sophie, Zaruhi and Gohar.
Ukraine: Tanya, Valeriya, Natalia, Irene, Oksana, Alina, Olya, Vikki, and Maryana
Moldova (inc PMR): Anna, Tanya, Sveta, Lera, Cristina and Mihaela.
Poland: Sylwia, Ania, Paula.
Lithuania: Rita, Ieva
and Russia: Olya, Sasha, Sveta (of Ryazan), Gulnara, Kseniya, Olya (of Moscow), Lisa, Natalia, Aliona, Diane, Katya, Irina

Serbia including Marijana,Yvonne, Mima, Katarina, Kristina
Bosnia: Amira, and Lejla
Montenegro: Marija, Sanja, Milena, Stevana and Dragana, Jovanka, Dejan among others.

Also especially Kristina, Atsushi & Youngmi, Sasha (Azerbaijan)
There are many other kind friends I could name including Elena, Shahd, Darren & Pook, Sasha, Youngmi, amaran, Ida, Yuki, Vikki, Olya (of Ryazan), Kyung-A, Jihye, and Nakyung among many others.


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